ORA-38794: Flashback target time not in current incarnation

I got this error this morning when I attempted to flashback a standby database to an earlier time.

 flashback database to timestamp
   to_timestamp(’05/01/10 04:00:00′, ‘MM/DD/YY HH24:MI:SS’)
SQL> /
flashback database to timestamp
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-38794: Flashback target time not in current incarnation

This is Bug 6843554 – ORA-38794 during Flashback Database on Standby previously activated with Restore Point [ID 6843554.8]. It’s fixed in 11.2 but we are on It’s caused by “orphaned incarnations” which you can see using this query:
select * from v$database_incarnation;

There is an easy work-around, flash back to the scn.
 flashback database to scn 44062315534;

Also, flashback database does a recovery so it needs the archived redo log from before the scn. We had to restore that from tape because it had already been backed up and deleted by RMAN.

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