I just finished the class: X0161 Oracle RAC on AIX Systems Workshop taught by Andrei Socoliuc of IBM Romania. Andrei knew a lot about Oracle RAC and AIX so it was a good class. I thought the best part was the hands on labs, especially the pre-installation preparation of the operating system. There was also a lot of good information on hardware and LPAR configuration. This is my first RAC class since 2003 when it had just been released, so the overview of RAC was a good way for me to get a refresher on RAC internals. My only complaint  is that we spent a lot of time on IBM’s shared disk solution (GPFS) and very little on Oracle’s ASM .


3 thoughts on “RAC on AIX

    • Dan, We described what we wanted to the IBM sales people and they came up with several options. I went through an IBM systems admin course first. It was OK but not what we really needed. We just kept telling the IBM people what we really needed until they came up with this. I think they probably only teach it when a company can gather enough people together to make it pay for itself. They should change it to focus on ASM.


      • Thanks very much Steve for the quick reply. I also enjoyed your other blog posts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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