OEM 12c

I took the opportunity to attend the OEM 12c Workshop which was offered here in Indianapolis at the Oracle office last week. I had seen a presentation at the Oracle User’s Group meeting in April. Greg Walters was the presenter at the INOUG meeting and he also ran the workshop. It was a very good hands on workshop. Each attendee got their own servers. One of the exercises involved locking up a database and then connecting using real time ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor). It connects directly to the shared memory on the server and reads the v$ information. It reported the specific Unix process that was causing the problem. I logged on to the server and ran a kill -9 on that process which cleared up the database problem. Another good exercise involved generating an ADM (Application Data Model) and then using the model to subset the data on a new database. I typed in the SQL to select a subset of one table using bind variables for future flexibility. When I ran the job it selected a subset for that table plus all the other tables in the schema according to the ADM discovered referential integrity rules. That was very cool and fast too.


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