Exadata Database Machine Administration Workshop

I spent last week in downtown Chicago attending this class. It was a very good class and the instructor, Andy Fortunak was excellent. We had lots of labs to work through. The computers we used ran virtual database servers and virtual storage servers. This setup caused some problems, mainly slowness. My virtual database machine’s clusterware failed towards the end of the week but the virtual storage servers continued to work fine.

The main message was: invest the time needed to set up services and Database Resource Manager.  IO Resource Manager and Instance Caging depends on it.

We also discussed consolidation and using RAC one-node. We are consolidating scores of databases on Exadata. Most of them do not require multiple RAC nodes for workload but we do want high availability and load balancing. This week I tested manually moving one-node databases between nodes and it works great. The client does not get disconnected but does get an error message. Srvctl actually makes it a two node RAC and then stops the original node. I tested automatic failover of rac one-node and compared it with a full rac two-node with one instance down. They both work the way I wanted, a second instance starts up. I can’t see any technical reason for going with one-node.

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