Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Ed 1 LVC

This was a four day course delivered online. The Oracle labs were inaccessible from my work laptop and from my work network so I used my personal laptop from home. This turned out to be a good thing because work interruptions were minimal and I could focus on the class.

The instructor Barry Isaacman has many years of experience with Sun hardware and has done many ZFS Appliance installations. So he had lots of tips on how to set up things optimally. He also provided documents outside the course materials to support further learning. I was really interested in the API and Python integration and he was very helpful.

The labs are excellent and they utilize real ZFS Appliance hardware so performance is pretty good. There is also a ZFS Appliance simulator here.The hardest part was interpreting the class specific instructions for student IP address assignments. After getting the initial settings correct everything worked fine.

I was able to immediately apply my new knowledge as soon as I returned to work this week. We have recently installed ZFS appliances for database backups over Infiniband in two data centers and the installer set up replication between them. I reviewed the configuration and was pleased that the best practices in the class were implemented in the new installation.

I’m just starting to experiment with the API using Python. Here are some links that are promising:

Click to access restfulapi-zfssa-0914-2284451.pdf