Oracle In Memory Column Store

I attended the Greater Cincinnati Oracle User’s Group meeting yesterday at the local Oracle office. I was expecting a good presentation because Maria Colgan (@sqlmaria) was presenting.

I was not disappointed and this was an excellent presentation and conversation with Maria who used to head up the optimizer team and now runs the In Memory team.  She went into deep dives of a lot of technical innovations they have used for performance and reliability. I took lots of notes.

All of the code is embedded in Oracle database software (12.1) so it’s just a parameter change to turn it on. The only other step is to alter table INMEMORY. Some of the inmemory stuff can be offloaded to Exadata but you have to pay the license when you turn it on.

In Oracle 12.2 the whole thing can run in exadata flash instead of in the db server dram. Oracle 12.2 will be out “sometime this year”.